When asphalt pavement begins to crack and deteriorate, you know that potholes (and the costly damage they can cause) are not far away.

It is important to repair such areas before small problems become big ones, and Athens-Atlanta stands ready to handle those repairs for you.

To repair small confined areas of damaged pavement, our crews first square off and saw cut the damaged area, removing the deteriorated pavement. We then carefully inspect the existing pavement base, re-compacting and repairing it as necessary. The project is completed with installation of new asphalt paving, which is placed and compacted to the same exacting specifications we use on every one of our paving jobs.

What becomes of the damaged pavement that is removed? Because Athens-Atlanta is a firm believer in recycling, we transport this damaged pavement to an area asphalt plant for special treatment and subsequent recycling. This eliminates adverse impacts on already overburdened landfills – and means that you don’t have to worry about what to do with the old pavement.

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