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Ways To Make Your Line Marking Last

Posted by Daniel Wood on Wed, Nov 14, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Parking lot striping is an important part of managing traffic around public places. It lets people Line Markingknow where they should park and also helps control the flow and direction of traffic. Line marking can also designate handicapped spots, fire lanes and no-parking areas. Striping a parking lot involves time and money. Following the steps below will help make sure the job is done right and the line marking lasts a long time.

Use the right equipment

There are two ways to strip a parking lot. One is by hand using a roller and a chalk line drawn on the surface of the lot. With this method you roll the paint on with the roller along the chalk line. The other method is to use a paint striping machine. The machine will allow for a much neater and professional looking job. It will also allow better control of the amount of paint applied so you will have a longer lasting job.

Use the right paint

Use a long lasting paint for a long lasting job. Lower quality paints will wear off quickly; higher quality paints will last much longer.

Prepare the parking lot properly

The asphalt pavement should be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and debris before the stripes are painted. Usually this type cleaning is done with blowers. Brushing will not do as good a job as blowers will and using blowers will be much faster.

Have a solid baseasphalt pavement

Make sure that all cracks are cleaned and filled properly before painting. Make sure that water is not getting into the cracks; this will deteriorate the parking lot surface and cause the paint to flake away.

Seal Coat before Painting

After cleaning and filling cracks you should consider seal coating the parking lot. Seal coating will protect the surface of the lot and provide a smooth black finish to the lot. The paint will adhere to the seal coat finish better which will make the line marking last longer and the stripes will stand out more because of the dark black color of the seal coating.

Paint during the right conditions

Make sure the conditions are right for striping the parking lot. The weather should be dry with low humidity and the temperature should be at least in the sixties. These conditions will allow the paint to dry properly which will make the line marking last longer.