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Why Asphalt Paving Is The Preferred Choice

Posted by Daniel Wood on Fri, Jan 09, 2015 @ 07:00 AM

asphalt pavementOf all the available materials on offer for any type of paving project, asphalt is the preferred choice today. Asphalt and paving go hand-in-hand when it comes to paving companies, hardware suppliers, and with everybody that is viewed as a paving expert. The reasons why most professionals would recommend that you use asphalt as your first choice paving option are described in detail hereafter.

1.  Asphalt Paving Lasts Longer

Asphalt and paving is the perfect combination when a professional with years of experience installs it. Compared to any other paving material offered on the market, asphalt lasts a lot longer. Asphalt is far more durable and can handle all that nature is able to throw at it. This includes very high and low temperatures, heavy rainfall, snow, and hail storms.

Asphalt paving’s ability to endure all of the above and more is the foremost reason why professional paving companies and customers constantly opt for it first. The various benefits that you get from an asphalt driveway, pavement, road, or parking area is massive.

2.  Less Maintenance and Repair Work

Asphalt and paving that is constructed using top quality asphalt requires far less upholding and repair work over time. This is going to save you an enormous amount of money, because you can count on the insurance that your paving will last for at least 20 years, but if you inspect and maintain it properly over time, the surface can last even longer. By hiring a professional to coat your asphalt surface with a first-class sealcoat product, for example, you can increase the protection of your paving.

3.  Better Looking and Smoothersealcoating asphalt

Asphalt road, driveway, and parking lot surfaces offer a smoother ride for motorists and are therefore safer as well. In addition, the asphalt and paving surface are better looking, which rounds off and enhances any home or office appearance.  

4.  Save Money

All of these benefits equal massive monetary savings. Largely because asphalt lasts longer and requires less repair work during its lifespan, you will save unnecessary expenses. Ensure that you hire an asphalt and paving expert to look after your paving’s general maintenance.

Are you convinced that asphalt is the best choice for your paving project?  

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How Important is Asphalt Parking Lot Repair for Your Business?

Posted by Daniel Wood on Fri, Jan 02, 2015 @ 07:00 PM

asphalt parking lotAsphalt parking lot repair is essential for your business. There are two crucial reasons why the parking lot should always be in good condition – one is its aesthetic values; it is important to give a very good impression to your clients every time they visit your office building. A constant, good upkeep of the parking lot and physical plant certainly sets the stage for the rest of the surroundings.

The number two reason is premises liability. This term is typically heard in the legal field. Any accidents, for instance damage to any vehicles or trip-and-fall accidents can be deemed as grounds for a lawsuit. In most states, all expenses for long-term therapy, loss of income, medical care, and pain and suffering, and other related issues can be calculated into the reimbursement from your company to the injured person.

Professional Repair Work is Imperativeparking lot pavement

For the above mentioned reasons and several more, it is imperative that you obtain asphalt parking lot repair on a regular basis. Over time, any asphalt pavement is bound to deteriorate. This is especially true if heavy industrial vehicles go in and out of your parking lot. Installation of drains, sewers, and tree roots are also among the many causes of asphalt deterioration. Seasonal temperatures can furthermore cause damage to your parking lot.

To acquire proper asphalt parking lot repair, you need to ensure that the contractor is highly experienced and has conducted many noteworthy projects in the past. Usually, the primary contractor who installed the parking lot should provide services, such as maintenance and repair work as well. That is included in the warranty, but if the warranty has expired, you can ask the same contractor to help with the asphalt parking lot repair. This makes the entire process a lot easier for you and ensures that your asphalt structure remains in a first-rate condition all the time.

Alternatively, you can search for a new contractor. Ask for recommendations from your friends or other building owners in your neighborhood. You can also search the Internet for viable candidates. Whichever way you decide to obtain a contractor, ensure that the source can be trusted.      

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How Seal Coating Your Driveway Keeps It Safe

Posted by Daniel Wood on Fri, Dec 26, 2014 @ 09:01 AM

seal coating asphalt drivewaysAs with most construction and general home improvement work, you need to plan carefully before you install a new driveway. If you plan everything in detail the installation process will run smoothly and the end result will be of a high quality. Asphalt driveways are the most popular option for the majority of homeowners, mainly because of the lower overall costs, the longer natural life you get from the driveway and the many other benefits included, such as safety, efficient water drainage and less repairs and maintenance required.

When it comes to the cost of an asphalt driveway, it is imperative to take proper care of the driveway and perform routine maintenance, because the actual cost of your driveway is measured throughout its entire lifetime. You will lower the yearly costs by taking exceptionally good care of your driveway and one way to do so is by seal coating asphalt driveway.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Asphalt Driveways

Seal coating asphalt driveway

Increasing the life and improving the appearance of your driveway is crucial and it can be achieved through the use of a top quality seal coat. Seal coating asphalt driveway locks in the existing oils of the material, which helps to keep the asphalt surface flexible. The flexibility prevents and reduces cracking and prevents early deterioration. Over time, it saves you an enormous amount of money.

It is usually recommended that you seal coat the driveway prior to the third season of the new surface and to repeat the seal coating every three years thereafter.

Seal coating your driveway is the main element that ensures that a driveway appears in an excellent condition longer and hardly deteriorates at all. The following tips will add to the prolonged existence of your driveway:asphalt driveways

- Prevent oil and gasoline spills: Because asphalt is oil-based, oil and gasoline are able to dissolve the driveway surface and cause excessive deterioration.

- Fill cracks regularly: Movement in the subsoil or base often cause cracks. Filling the cracks and seal coating asphalt driveway can keep it in a very good condition for longer.

- Protect the driveway edges: Because the driveway edges are the weakest, you have to protect them. Do not drive over them and build up the sides of the driveway with quality topsoil.

- Stop grass and weeds from growing through the surface cracks

What seal coating do you use and does it work well?

Sealcoating your asphalt driveway is an important process in keeping your driveway like new. Have you had your driveway sealcoated?  

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What You Need to Know About Asphalt and Paving

Posted by Daniel Wood on Fri, Dec 19, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

Asphalt and Paving54Asphalt and paving are a very popular combination nowadays and asphalt is the first choice for most companies and individuals when it comes to paving. A driveway consisting of asphalt and paving, for example, is probably the cheapest option available today, and they are highly durable and easy to install as well.

Asphalt and Paving Benefits

Asphalt is a very durable paving material, which is its major benefit. It has a high resistance to traffic, which allows you to drive on it and park without any problems. It is an extremely safe surface too. If you hire a company that knows what they are doing, the installation process involving asphalt and paving should be an easy one, and it will cost you less than any other paving material.

When you shop around for asphalt paving prices and allow around three to five contractors to bid against each other, you are surely going to get a much cheaper quote. An experienced contractor can install asphalt paving very quickly, which means that you do not have to wait a long time for your paving to be completed and ready to use. Maintenance of asphalt and paving is relatively easy to do and if done correctly and regularly enough, your paving will last a lot longer.paving and asphalt

Asphalt does exceedingly well in all climates. It can be very flexible in hot climates and resist cracking in extremely cold temperatures. You can effortlessly remove snow from your paving, by using plows and shovels, and the asphalt surface absorbs more sunlight in wintertime, which helps the ice and snow to melt.

A Few Drawbacks to Asphalt

Even though maintenance is easy to perform, you will have to seal your asphalt surface with a good quality sealcoat at least every one to two years. In most cases, it will be best to use the services of a professional paving contractor. The upside of this extra expenditure is that your paving will look as good as new all the time and it will last many years more, which saves a lot of money over time.

Some people do not get pleasure from the look of asphalt compared to other paving alternatives such as paving stones. A well maintained and seal-coated asphalt and paving surface does look a lot more appealing.   

Are you interested in a long-lasting paving surface that costs less, or is saving money not an issue?  


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Why is Asphalt Maintenance Required?

Posted by Daniel Wood on Fri, Dec 12, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

 asphalt repairsAsphalt covers a majority of surfaces around the world. In the United States alone, almost 4 million miles of paved roads are constructed with asphalt. It is astounding even to think about the amount of asphalt that covers all areas in your city. Nevertheless, the coverings can depreciate without proper asphalt maintenance. As the material ages, it slowly loses all the essential rudiments that help it function. That normally happens quickly, and unless cured, it can be very damaging to vehicles.

Why maintain the material?

Depending on the weather in your state or city, asphalt driveways that are not maintained can last up to 3 years. In due course, imperative oils in the material can seep away, and make the top coat even more susceptible to splintering and cracking.

There are numerous things that can cause breakage and loss of those oils. Cold weather, precipitation, heat from the sun, and heavy traffic play a huge part in the breakage of asphalt. Given that it is constantly exposed to all the aforementioned elements, it is crucial to acquire asphalt maintenance.

Even though maintaining asphalt is a lot of work, it is better than replacing your surface. In some cases, contractors take about a month to complete the replacement, because it involves a number of steps:

- A complete removal of the previous asphalt

- Packing and preparing the entire surface

- Adding the new asphalt (this is sometimes conducted one coat at a time)

- The final sealing and pressing

- Drying or bonding time

Thus, a replacement involves a lengthy process and lots of money in comparison to asphalt maintenance. For this reason, if you are working around a tight budget and do not have a lot of time to waste, consider calling a reputable asphalt contractor to help you with the maintenance.

Types of Maintenanceasphalt Maintenance

Crack Seal – The material cracks over time, because it becomes brittle. After cracks appear, the seal tends to break, and this allows moisture to seep through easily. Obtain a yearly crack seal to avoid this.

Patch Repairs – After one section fails, perhaps the only permanent solution is cutting out all the failed areas. Thereafter the contractor will re-compact the driveway before installing new asphalt.

Sealcoating – This is the best asphalt maintenance option, particularly if you own a building with several parking lot levels.

Do you maintain your asphalt surface regularly?

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Appoint The Right Asphalt Contractor For The Job

Posted by Daniel Wood on Fri, Dec 05, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

professional asphalt contractorsNicely trimmed bushes along a smooth asphalt driveway can certainly amplify the aesthetic value of your home. In fact, it can even increase the value of your home. A flawless driveway is not difficult to obtain. All you need to do is to hire a highly-experienced asphalt contractor in your neighborhood. Here are some tips you can use to make it an easy hiring process:

Search Online

One of the easiest ways to find a contractor is the Internet. You can never go wrong, because as soon as you enter the relevant keywords, you will be presented with many pages containing asphalt contractors in your area. That may sound overwhelming, as you have to go through numerous names, but the key is to focus on the ones with the highest ratings or best reviews.

Interview Your Candidates

The Internet allows you to find out more about the contractors, such as their level of expertise, complaints made against them, and so on. It is advisable that you do some proper background checks on the contractors before you make your final decision. Once you have narrowed down your choices, call each asphalt contractor and ask questions about their company, workers, projects, and if you are 100% happy with their answers, obtain a quotation.

Compare the Quotationsashpalt contractors

A very low quotation does not necessarily mean that the quality of the job is going to be terrible. The same goes for costly quotations; they do not always represent an excellent outcome. It is best to go through the quotations and at the same time, ask for photos of previous projects. Alternatively, you can ask if it is feasible for them to take you to visit one of their current projects and walk you through it. From that, you should be able to tell if the asphalt contractor is a first-class choice or not.

Ask for References

As a consumer, you have the right to ask for references from the contractors. Call their references and ask if they are happy with the completed asphalt project. You can make your choice based on all the reviews and details you obtained.

Have you ever had a bad experience when it comes to asphalt contractors and the quality work that they delivered? 

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Employ Only the Most Experienced Concrete Repair Contractor

Posted by Daniel Wood on Fri, Nov 21, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

concrete pavementWhen you experience any minor damage in your concrete structure, you should always have a highly experienced concrete repair contractor on standby. Taking care of minor damages, such as small surface cracks that can be caused by the roots of trees and weed or excessive rain and snow, is essential, because the last thing that you want is for these cracks to open up even wider.

The Advantages of Employing an Experienced Concrete Repair Contractor

To ensure that the above-mentioned minor damages to your concrete structure become worse and lead to major damage and excessive costs, you have to employ a very experienced concrete repair specialist. These specialists possess all the necessary knowledge and skills to repair any concrete damage so that it does not cause you any further problems.

With their extensive experiences in repairing any type of damage, the concrete repair contractor will:

  • Save you a lot of money in future repair work

  • Help you avoid having to replace your entire concrete structure

  • Extend the overall lifetime of your concrete structure

  • Ensure a professional-looking concrete surface at all times

Without the help of a professional concrete repair company, you will find it difficult to achieve these advantages.concrete repair contractor

Finding the Perfect Concrete Repair Contractor is Crucial

If you want the above advantages from your concrete repair expert, then you should select one of the leading candidates from your region. The best way to achieve this is to conduct an online search. Nowadays, all the relevant and important information that you require with reference to any contractor can be found on the Internet.

Different clients leave comments and valuable feedback in the form of reviews that anybody could access at anytime via the Internet. These reviews can give you useful information that will help you to select the most suitable contractor for your specific concrete repair work.

How do you plan on finding the ideal concrete repair specialist for your concrete repair job? 

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Accomplish Rewarding Concrete Repairs with Permaflex

Posted by Daniel Wood on Fri, Nov 14, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

parking lot pavementRepairing concrete structures such as road and parking lot surfaces has traditionally been a challenging job, largely because of surface cracks that transfer onto new overlays. This has been a highly frustrating occurrence when it comes to concrete repair work, but new materials have brought some welcome relief for this aggravation.

What Does Permaflex Do?

Permaflex is an exclusive overlay system that was developed to slow down reflective cracking. Reflective cracking is the name given to cracks that migrate to a new overlay. The flex paving process provided through this product has put an end to this irritation. 

The effective flex paving process saves money when used to repair your asphalt pavement. As long as the sub-grade material of your concrete structure is still intact, you could easily achieve the following results:

-Structural support

-Brand new look

-Crack sealing

-Fixing of drainage and depression issues

-Added functionality

To ensure the best possible concrete repairs and maintenance work with the use of Permaflex, you need to appoint a concrete repair and maintenance specialist that additionally, has experience in using the overlay system to repair asphalt concrete. Such contractors are able to repair your damaged concrete economically.

The Effectiveness of the Permaflex Systemasphalt vs concrete

If professionals implement this system, you will be able to repair alligator and large cracks. The product can be used to enhance the look of your pavement as well. You can obtain a much deeper fix of the structure by applying a thicker coat of the Permaflex, which moreover adds structural support to any existing pavement.

Full replacements are usually required for potholes, depressions, and bigger drainage issues, but by using an overlay, it is sometimes possible to fix these bigger problems effectively as well. This versatile material can improve the functionality of your asphalt as well.

An experienced contractor will always evaluate the area that needs to be fixed first before opting for the overlay system. This will be his primary choice, because it cancels out a costly full reconstruction. Prior to using the Permaflex system, he will remove the previous overlay and replace it with a hot, specially formulated aggregate asphalt mixture.

After the paving process, the contractor will spray the surface with a high quality tack coat. A paving machine is then used to spread the overlay over the designated paving spot and is then thoroughly compacted.

Do you have any experiences with this overlay system?    

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Asphalt Pavement: Why It Is The Primary Choice

Posted by Daniel Wood on Fri, Nov 07, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

parking lot asphalt pavingAsphalt is deemed as a sustainable constituent for building pavements. Because the surface is very smooth, vehicles tend to guzzle less fuel and generate lower emissions. At the same time, you will notice that the asphalt pavement does not generate as much noise when you drive on it. This moreover means that expensive noise walls do not have to be constructed.

Asphalt pavements are also safe, offering remarkable gripping power. If you choose to use asphalt for your pavement, you do not have to worry about having it replaced or removed, as it is very durable. A professionally installed asphalt pavement could last in excess of 30 years if it is maintained properly over time.

What Is Asphalt Made From?

Asphalt is made from gravel, stones, and sand, which is mixed perfectly and is then held tightly together by asphalt cement. Most houses and apartments in the United States continue to choose asphalt, because of its many benefits. One of the main advantages of using asphalt pavement is that it is exceedingly affordable compared to other materials used to construct roads, driveways or other pavements.

The following are some fun facts about asphalt pavements:

  • It is a known fact that asphalt can be a long-lasting pavement, because it is an eternal material.

  • Compared to concrete, asphalt is 100% renewable and not only reserved for single-driven vehicles.

  • Porous asphalt pavement is deemed as an eco-friendly tool for storm management.

  • In the United States of America, more than 60 million tons of asphalt are reused and recycled each year.   

If you are planning to install any type of asphalt surface, it is advisable that you hire a highly experienced contractor. Before you hire one, ensure that you conduct thorough research about all the contractors that you come across and select one that meets all your requirements.

Do you favor asphalt pavements as most people do, or are there other materials that you prefer instead?    

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Enhancing Your Home With A Asphalt Driveway

Posted by Daniel Wood on Thu, Oct 30, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

paving contractor

Many homeowners choose asphalt when it comes to constructing their driveways. There are many advantages to using this material, such as the ability to enhance your home and adding great value to it. The main benefits of installing asphalt driveways include the following:

Aesthetic Value – Using this material can certainly enhance the curb appeal of your home, which any other materials are not able to do very effectively. Given that asphalt can last approximately 20 years, or even more (if installed properly), you can be certain that it can increase the overall value of your attractive home.

Weather – One important benefit of asphalt driveways is that they are weather resistant, even more so compared to concrete driveways. If you live in a cold temperature country or region, an asphalt driveway is certainly the best material to use. In very cold temperatures, asphalt tends to contract and expand, but it does so without incurring any damage.

Repair – Asphalt driveways are far easier to mend compared to concrete. It typically takes less than a day to repair a damaged asphalt driveway, for example.

Flexibility – Asphalt offers flexibility to its users. When pressure is applied on asphalt driveways, the binding can easily move, thus giving the driveway the aptitude to conform to any changes in the soil. This means it is less likely to snap if the soil alters underneath.

Cost Asphalt driveways are cheaper to install, especially if you own a huge driveway.

Slope – A large number of homeowners have sloped driveways leading up to their homes. If there is a slope, then you are better off using asphalt to build your driveway. If you choose to use concrete, be prepared to invest more in the future, especially on repair work, as concrete cracks easier on slopes.

The aforementioned are merely a few of the various benefits that using asphalt to install your driveway offer. If you want a material that can withstand the cold weather, then this is the ideal choice. It is highly advisable though that you hire a reputable contractor to install the driveway. Before you choose a contractor, it is best to conduct a background check on him and his company. Determine if he has the right documents and licenses to conduct the job.

Do you think asphalt driveways can enhance the aesthetic and overall value of your home?  

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